How to remove a saved card on your My Tango account


To remove your previously saved payment method, you need to first ensure that the payment method being removed is not linked to a current Direct Debit.


To unenrol the direct debit:

Once logged in to your My Tango account, you will be met with the home screen.

Select 'Billing'

DDremoval1 unenrol.jpg

Select 'DIrect Debit', Then the 3 dots on the right.


Select 'Un Enroll'

DDremoval unenrol 3.jfif.png

The Direct Debit is now unenrolled 

DDremoval unenrol.jpg


Once your Direct Debit is unenrolled you can remove the saved card from your My Tango account

To remove a previously saved payment method:


Select 'More', Then 'Account'


Select 'Payment Information'

delet card.jpg

On the card you are wanting to remove, select the 3 dots on the right.

Hit 'Remove'

delete card2.jpg

Confirm the removal of the selected payment method 

delete card3.jpg

A message will pop up to confirm the payment method is successfully deleted 

delet card33.jpg



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