How to set up Direct Debit on your My Tango account

Direct debit can be set up for easy hassle free payments made on the due date of your invoice, just set and forget! 

Please note that direct debit is set up per account, if you have multiple accounts with Tango Energy you need to set up your direct debit for each account separately.


Once logged in to your My Tango account, you will be met with the home screen. Select 'Billing'

DDremoval1 unenrol.jpg


Select 'Direct Debit', then 'Set up Direct Debit'



Select 'Add Payment Method'



Select 'Add Payment Method' 



You can then choose to add Bank Account details or Card details





Once you have filled in your details you will be able to manage your direct debit via your My Tango Account, under 'Billing', then 'Direct Debit'

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