Guaranteed Service Level Payment

The Electricity Distribution Code of Practice requires Victorian distributors (the distributors) to make guaranteed service level (GSL) payments to customers who receive a level of service worse than a specific threshold or level. GSL payments are an acknowledgement of the inconvenience a customer experiences when their distributor does not meet a GSL.


Payments range from $40 to $380 depending on a range of factors with the amounts set in the Electricity Distribution Code of Practice (section 14.5).


If you are eligible for one of these payments it will be automatically assigned to your Electricity Account and will appear on your Invoice as below

If you receive a GSL on your account after it has closed, you are able to have this refunded back to you.

Please call through to our Service Team on 1800 010 648 Monday - Friday 8:00am - 6:00pm to organise this.

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